Thursday, July 06, 2006

Redhat Made It Easy

Redhat made it easy.

You know Linux is reliable. You know it has security you can trust. In fact, nearly half of medium-sized businesses rate moving to Linux as either important or very important.* With the right experience and expertise, you can make the move, too.

The reputation of Linux in enterprise environments is rock solid. For its performance it has attracted some of the largest financial institutions. For its security it has been adopted by governments around the globe.

We believe small and mid-sized companies should have every advantage that the largest companies have with their technology: Performance, reliability, affordability, room to grow. Without compromise.

Redhat made it easy.

Dave Seager
VP Manager of UNIX systems

Keybank is the 16th largest financial institution in the US with approximately 2000 branches and 22,000 employees. They needed to consolidate existing platforms and build bridges between existing systems. They looked at all the other Linux companies but quickly realized that Red Hat is the market leader and that there was no comparison. They also realized that running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 on Intel-based platforms gave them the best overall solution providing the highest performance, best cost savings, and the most choice.

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