Thursday, June 01, 2006

New ATI drivers for Linux

yamla writes "ATI has finally released new Linux drivers that claim support for the Radeon and Radeon Mobility 1x00 graphics cards, more than six months after releasing the chips. Read the release notes here. Any reviews are welcome."
New Product Support

Radeon X1900 series
Radeon X1800 series
Radeon X1600 series
Radeon X1300 series
Mobility Radeon X1800
Mobility Radeon X1600
Mobility Radeon X1400
Mobility Radeon X1300

Resolved Issues

Quake 3: Texture corruption is no longer noticed when playing the game on systems containing an ATI Radeon® 8x00, Radeon® 9000, Radeon® 9100, Radeon® 9200, or Radeon® 9250 product
The ATI Installer no longer inconsistently backs up and recovers existing XF86 and Xorg config files.
The ATI Uninstaller /usr/share/fglrx/, can now be executed from any path

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