Friday, March 31, 2006

How to extend Linear RAID device

How to extend Linear RAID
Hello All,
* Please do not try this on Production server. Make sure you can do this or not:)Read More
 Most of all you know that we use linear just like LVM.
 This is my server ...little small though:(
raiddev                 /dev/md0
raid-level              linear    # it's not obvious but this *must* be
persistent-superblock   1    # set this to 1 if you want autostart,
chunk-size              32
nr-raid-disks           2
device                  /dev/hdc3
raid-disk               0
device                  /dev/hda4
raid-disk               1

# Sample raid-1 configuration
raiddev                 /dev/md2
raid-level              0
nr-raid-disks           2
chunk-size              4
device                  /dev/hdc2
raid-disk               0
device                  /dev/hda3
raid-disk                1
Last week this RAID partition got full...suddenly i got mail from boss..:D
That wasnt much funny though.
So I have following procedures and belive me it works..
1. Unmount the raid partition
2. Stop the raid....raidstop /dev/md0
3. Update your /etc/raidtab file ...i have added new partition into it
device        /dev/hdb1
raid-disk    2
2. Dont forget to change nr-raid-disk line.
3. Now give the command
mkraid /dev/md0
It will create a raid can see the 3rd partition is added into a raid array
cat /proc/mdstat
But after this all procedure you have run one more command
resize2fs /dev/md0
Now after mounting that partition you will get know you can successfully extended the RAID partition.


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