Tuesday, April 25, 2006

List of LDAP vendors

Supporting vendors

LDAP has gained wide support from vendors such as:

* Apache (through Apache Directory Server)
* Apple (through Open Directory/OpenLDAP)
* AT&T
* Avaya (through Directory Enabled Management)
* Banyan
* Critical Path
* eB2Bcom (through View500)
* Fedora Directory Server
* Hewlett-Packard
* Identyx
* IBM/Lotus
* ISODE (through M-Vault server)
* Microsoft (through Active Directory)
* Netscape (now in Sun Microsystems and Red Hat products)
* Novell (through eDirectory)
* OctetString (through VDE server)
* Oracle (through Oracle Internet Directory)
* Radiant Logic (through RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server)
* Red Hat Directory Server
* Siemens AG (through DirX server)
* SGI and
* Sun (through the iPlanet and Sun ONE directory servers)
* Symlabs (through Directory Extender)

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